Wood Flooring

Wood flooring can be prefinished or unfinished. Either choice will give you a lovely and durable floor. Wood for a prefinished floor is sanded and the finish is applied at the factory. The finish is an extremely durable aluminum oxide coating that should withstand years of use once it is installed.

These finishes are almost flawless and are therefore difficult to touch up. The boards also have a bevel to their edge, giving them a different look and feel than the natural unfinished floor. Even with the best of care, the prefinished floor will eventually need to be sanded and finished like an unfinished floor. This is still better than most other types of flooring which would need to be replaced.

The wood for an unfinished floor is sanded and finished after installation. This is the oldest and most popular type of wood floor and is available in many wood types and styles.

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