Flooring Installation

Installing a new wood floor

Flooring Installation of hardwood floors by Ray Case Floors in Rochester, NYThe first step is to select either prefinished or site finished floor. Site finished floors are sanded and coated after they are installed in your home. Prefinished floors are made up of individual boards that are sanded and sprayed at the factory. A durable aluminum oxide coating is applied which will withstand years of use. The boards of a prefinished floor will also have beveled edges that are rounded off. The beveled edges are one of the characteristics of a prefinished floor.

Site sanded floors are available in the widest array of sizes and species. They come in 3/4 inch tongue and groove or 5/16 inch top nailed. Many houses in the Rochester area have top nailed floors and are a good choice if you want a continuous feel throughout the house. Flooring Installation, laying down new hardwood floors Ray Case Floors in Rochester, NY
They are easy to identify by the “dots” on them from the filled in nail holes. If you don’t like this look then a 3/4 inch tongue and groove floor is for you. The nails are shot in from the side and then covered with the next row of boards. Only a few top nails are visible near the wall.

Next is determining the direction of the floor. On new houses, with plywood sub floors, the boards are installed perpendicular to the floor joists. Old houses with plank sub floors are installed across the planks. This will help minimize possible gaps from developing in the future.

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