Wood Floor Maintenance & Care

Glitsa Clean wood floor maintenance & care by Ray Case Floors, Rochester, NYThank you for choosing Glitsa products as the finish for your hardwood floors. Glitsa is proud to be the Authentic Swedish Finish available for hardwood flooring today.

Simple steps can be taken to maintain the beauty and luster of your new Glitsa finished floors.

Floors should be used with care for the first two weeks after application. You can walk on the floor and start to put your furniture back the next day. No carpets or water should be used on floors during this first two week period. Allow additional air flow across the surfaces by opening windows or using fans. This will help the floor finish cure faster.

Vacuum or Dust Mop
Vacuum or use an untreated dust mop on your floor regularly. This will keep the sand and grit off of your floor that may cause premature wear. Throw rugs are recommended in front of your kitchen sink and at each outside door, as long as they are cleaned on a regular basis.

Wipe up food and other spills immediately using a dampened (not soaking wet) cloth or paper towel.
Regular cleaning should be done with Glitsa Clean which is specially formulated to clean your Glitsa finished floor. Follow directions on the bottle for correct application. Glitsa Clean is available through Ray Case Floors. Another option, recommended by Martha Stewart, and used by many of our customers is a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water. This is an effective cleaner, but could dull your floor in time.

Floor Protectors
Wood Floor protectors are recommended to take care of your hardwood floor by Ray Case Floors, Rochester, NY
Check your chair legs and other pieces of furniture to be sure they all have Safe Glides felt pads attached to them. This will allow chairs to glide over the floor without scuffing the surface. Felt pads are available at home centers, hardware stores, and through Ray Case Floors.

Keep high heel shoes in good repair. Heels that have lost their protective cap, can cause little indentations in any floor surface, including concrete!

The Big Stuff
Even though they may be on casters refrigerators, pianos, and similar heavy objects exert a tremendous amount of weight where they come in contact with the floor. Should moving one of these items become necessary, we suggest they be rolled on a stiff material such as masonite or 1/4″ plywood to prevent dents.

No Waxing
Glitsa finished floors should never be waxed. If wax is applied, it will not be possible to recoat.

As your floor begins to show wear and does not clean easily with Glitsa Clean, recoating is recommended. Contact Ray Case Floors when recoating becomes necessary.

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